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    Jessica Alba (full name Jessica Marie Alba), an American actress, born on April 28, 1981, has become known for his role in the hit television series Dark Ange and feature films Sin City, Dark Angel, Into the Blue and Fantastic Four.

    Jessica Alba was born in Pomona, California in an Air Force family. She has two brothers, both of which appeared in an episode of Dark Angel. Until 17 Jessica Alba ypours old lived with his grandparents. Being a military family, which brings a bit: Biloxi, Idaho, Mississippi and Texas.

    Jessica Alba had a series of health problems during his childhood. Her lungs collapsed twice, was developed pneumonia several times and a cyst in his nose. As a result of these health problems, which was often isolated children of his age and his friends suffered. Upon moving to California Jessica's health has improved.

    From a very young age, Jessica Alba had a passion for acting. She took acting classes, and this is where it was discovered by an agent. Her first role was small in a film of any field title. Later she appeared in several commercials and some independent films. She also appeared in a Nickelodeon comedy series. Some of the features that appeared in the hand at rest (a horror movie) and Sin City.

    In 2006, Jessica Alba appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine, and in the same edition was named one of the 25 Sexiest Celebrities. In the same year, was named Sex Star of the Year by Playboy. In addition, Jessica was voted number one of 's 99 most desirable women.

    As for her personal life is concerned, went to actor Michael Weatherly his co-star in Dark Angel 2001 to 2003. Epilogues, participated with golfer Sergio Garcia. On the set of Fantastic Four, who met Cash Warren the assistant director of the film.

    An interesting fact about Jessica Alba is that she has a strict "no nudity" clause in his contract. This can be attributed to its conservative education.

    The world's sexiest woman of 2007 started on the lowest rung of Hollywood before she achieved its current fame today. Jessica Alba first appearance on national television two (JC Penney and Nintendo), and then landed the role of Jessica in Nickelodeon's The Secret World of Alex Mack in 1994. She was also elected as Maya in the first two seasons of Flipper was filmed in Australia. Jessica's first film appearance was in Camp Nowhere, the role of Gail. Later joined in several independent films. She became very familiar to the masses after playing a part of a gang of high school snob in Never Been Kissed (Drew Barrymore film) and as the female lead hands-free (Devon Sawa).

    His biggest break, however, was in the science fiction series Angel Dark. Jessica Alba was chosen personally by the writer / director James Cameron in the series for the role of genetically engineered super-soldier, Max Guevara, the main character in the series. His program ran for two seasons, then was canceled. The good thing was that Jessica received several awards for his portrayal of Max as an actress at the Teen Choice Awards 2001 Choice. After Dark Angel, Jessica starred in a wide variety of movie roles: played Nancy Callahan, an exotic dancer in Sin City cult film, she was a dancer and choreographer in the movie funky dance, honey, and as Sue Storm (his most popular role to date) in the great success of The Fantastic Four and its sequel. Jessica was also seen in Into The Blue, luck and good Diez, Chuck. Her upcoming films include The Eye (remake of an Asian horror film spectacular), Awake, Bill and Sin City 2.

    In addition to movies, Jessica Alba is a favorite cover for numerous magazines. Playboy even used her sexy blue promotional photos of their covers! Jessica opposed her and Hugh Hefner apologized to the sexy actress and donated money for their favorite charities. Jessica has appeared in March 2006 issue of Playboy and was named Sex Star of the Year for 2006. She was also among the 25 Sexiest Celebrities. Despite posing for racy men's magazine, Jessica has never done any nude photo (or had a nude scene in the movie) has kicked non-nude clause in his contract.

    Anyway, the website, readers voted Jessica # 1 on the list of 99 most desirable women. She is No. 2 in Maxim and FHM's sexiest woman in the world for 2007. She also appeared on the covers of InStyle and GQ magazine last June 2007. Jessica was chosen as one of People magazine's annual of 100 Most Beautiful People in May 2007. She has also appeared in magazine ads for L'Oreal Studio Line FX Melting Gel and L'Oreal Feria.

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    Jessica Alba is one of the hottest stars to hit the scene in the late 90's and continues to heat up the silver screen today. Is it just happens to have good roles in the movies? Is it because she's a great actress? Both may be true, but that's not what defines their success. To be frank and direct, that is simply hot. She is one of the most wanted celebrity on the web for many years, right next to Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie.

    Let the countdown Jessica Alba Top 5 movies. You may agree or disagree with the order of these films, but we can all agree on is that definitely looks hot in all his films.

    5. Honey
    What more could you want in this movie? You have a hot girl with a hot body with some hot dance moves. There are plenty of great scenes in this film, but whoever makes the most was when I was at the club shooting a music video with Shawn Desman song called "sexy." All I remember was a lot of hip movements and pelvic thrust movements of their dance movements. She definitely live up to the title of that song.

    4. Sin City
    I would not call this movie a great movie, but I'm sure most of you think of this film, there is only one scene comes to mind. It is the scene where Bruce Willis enters the bar and Jessica Alba is on stage with her in his snare doing some seductive movements.

    3. Fantastic Four
    This was a very good superhero movie and Jessica Alba did a great job as the invisible woman. The scene that looks really hot when she is in her super tight fitted blue spacesuit. What really shows what an impressive figure that actually does.

    2. Good Luck Chuck
    This was probably the role he has taken ditsiest, and she did a good job with his character. The scene that struck me was when I came out of a car and attached skirt. As her skirt fell away and could see her underwear penguins.

    1. In the blue
    This movie was eye candy for the males and females. Paul Walker and Jessica Alba, one of the best couples on the big screen. The best scene in this movie was when the two went snorkeling. You could see the slender body of Jessica Alba in the ocean. This is one of those movies that I do not remember the plot, but just watch and enjoy the movie.

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